Why buy aluminum horse stalls over iron or galvanized metal stalls?

Want horse stalls that are built to outlast galvanized or steel stalls? Consider aluminum horse stalls. Why aluminum stall components? Pound for pound aluminum is stronger than steel, it does not rust or corrode when it has been scratched and it does not require painting or powder coating like steel products!

High quality aluminum Aluminum Horse Stalls products do not rust and are priced comparably to galvanized steel products and in some cases cost less. Consider the thickness of the aluminum product you are buying, make sure it is at least 1/8" thickness (11 guage). Often 1/16" aluminum is sold for a lesser price and unassembled because it is not easily welded. If you compare galvanized/iron stalls to aluminum components, the aluminum stall product actually cost much less over the long term because they will not need replacing like iron or galvanized products that begin to corrode once the protective coating is scratched or worn off. Aluminum products can be used forever because of the metals unique non rust feature. Extruded channels which encase the lumber products not only protect horses from cribbing, but allow lumber to be removed which makes the frames and channels the components are manufactured of: Reusable! Extruded aluminum is stronger than factory bent components because the metal is heated and pushed through a die, much like a child's Playdo set, when the metal is forced through the die and cooled, Horse Stalls structurally the metal form is stronger due to the intense heating and cooling process. Factory bent aluminum is simply a flat shape pressed in a machine, without being heated. This process puts stress on the metal, therefore compromising its structural integrity.

So, if you are in the market for new stalls, or considering renovating an old barn, consider Armour Companies, when making your next stall investment! All stall products are manufactured of high grade, quality, non-rusting, aluminum. A complete line of standard size products and custom fabrication is available. Products arrive pre-drilled and ready for installation with the necessary hardware to install the product into a typical lumber barn. NO additional hardware kits to purchase, cutting or trimming to fit, loose or rattling pipes and NO additional assembly is required. Armour Companies ships and delivers nationwide to your barn or residence a completely assembled high quality product! Call today 800-876-7706.